Customer Testimonials for Finnicum Motor Company

Bubba & Susan Workman - 2007 Lexus IS250

It was a pleasure working with T.G. and Mike. They went out of their way to make this happen for me and I will always remember that. Thank you so much T.G. and Mike for going out of your way for me and my family.

Daniel & Stacy Mock - 2010 Honda Civic

We had a wonderful buying experience at Finnicum. T.G. and Mike worked with us to meet our budget, but also to get in something we wanted. No hassle!!

Ben Saxon - 2006 Chevrolet Silverado

This has been the easiest car purchase ever. Finnicum has what we wanted at the right price with no hassle. Thank you T.G. and Mike.

Austin & Carrie Bowen - 2006 Nissan Murano

This car experience has been wonderful. The customer service was excellent from start to finish. T.G. Knight could not have been more helpful. We are very satisfied with the deal. We will be back again in the future.

Michael Walker - 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche

I am very satisfied with the service and friendly atmosphere here at Finnicum Motors. This is the second vehicle I’ve purchased here. T.G. is an excellent salesman and I recommend that you stop by and see him…

Johnnie & Kristi Monroe - 2008 Nissan Altima

T.G. was wonderful to work with. He worked with me for many weeks to help me find the right car. He is a great salesman!

Amanda Mitchell - 2008 Ford Explorer

My experience at this car company has been great. The sales people were very helpful. Having to wait for a price was not agonizing like it usually is at other car dealerships. I came in, told them I liked the vehicle. I was able to test drive it for the day and made an offer & that was it. Very easy. I would recommend this dealership to anyone!

Chelsie Williams - 2011 Jeep Wrangler

I was really pleased with my help at Finnicum Motor Company. Mr. T.G. Knight made sure he addressed me and not my Dad, who was here for moral support. I will always recommend people to come here first. I was never pressured into buying a car, unlike most places. I felt welcome and comfortable.

Jerry & Barbara Gray - 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8

I purchased a 2011 Dodge Challenger from Finnicum Motor Company and I could not be more pleased! The whole deal went smooth with no issues. T.G. Knight and the rest of the staff were great! I would recommend Finnicum to anyone. Thanks.

Felicia Moore - 2011 Toyota Corolla

My experience at Finnicum has been more than wonderful! It’s been a long journey but T.G. has been right there always checking back to make sure I was doing okay and was very patient with me till I found what I wanted! I won’t ever go any where but Finnicum! I couldn’t thank him enough for EVERYTHING!! He’s awesome!

Taylor Davis - 2010 Jeep Liberty

Quick and Easy! The people here are amazingly nice. Great lot with awesome cars!

Holley Butler - 2011 GMC Yukon

T.G. helped me find the vehicle I was looking for, and my family loves it. I will come back and see him for my next one too.

Ryan Dean - 2008 Chevrolet Colorado

This is the best experience ever at a car lot. T.G. has done All he could to get me in a truck. This will be the only place I ever buy from.

Jeff Fordham - 2009 Chevrolet Silverado

T.G. was awesome! He got my price range and worked patiently to get me the vehicle I wanted! I’ve been looking for 2 years for a truck and he did it. Thanks T.G. for your dedication to customer service.

Mandy Mallard - 2010 Toyota Camry

My experience with Finnicum Motor Company was truly wonderful. All the staff was amazing. T.G., Darrel and Alicia were absolutely the best. Thanks for everything. I love my new car!

John & Leslie Burkett - 2013 Dodge Caravan

"We really enjoyed our experience with Finnicum! They made us feel at home and the thing that impressed me the most was customer service. Dustin was great about helping me decide on the best vehicle for our growing family. I was able to test drive two different vans home overnight and Dustin kept me updated on their inventory. I really appreciated all his help, even the fact that he moved both my boys car seats over to the vehicles that I test drove. Finnicum was a pleasure to deal with and I will be coming back for a future vehicle!" John & Leslie Burkett

Kristi Willis - 2010 Acura TL

Dealing with the Finnicum family was a great experience. I got the car of my dreams for a great price! T.G. Knight is the Bomb!

Brian King - 2011 Chevrolet Camaro

This has been the best experience. The salesmen are great and there is no hassle. They are very friendly!

Sheryl Baker - 2011 Nissan Juke

We came in to test drive and bought my vehicle. Mr. T.G. Knight was very friendly and courteous and he answered all of our questions. We are very happy with our purchase and very happy with the service.

Jessica LaVoie - 2010 Jeep Compass

I had great courteous service. He was able to get everything approved quickly. My daughter is very happy, T.G. was a great help!!

Ken Hudson - 2008 Ford F-250

This is the second auto that we have bought here at Finnicum. T.G. has been our salesman each time. He has gone above all expectations on helping me with this sale. The next time I need an auto I will be coming here first.

Amber Whitman - 2009 Mitsubishi Galant

Thank you all for working so hard to help me find a great car. I’m very happy with the Galant and I look forward to working with Finnicum in the future. T.G. was totally awesome and thank you Darrel for helping me also!!

Kelcie Martin - 2008 Acura TL

T.G. made buying my first car a great experience, he was very helpful. Everything went quick and smoothly.

Jeff & Tina Spicer - 2005 & 2003 Ford & Chrysler Mustang & Town & Country

Finnicum came highly recommended to us, so when we visited them we found them to be very straight forward and revealing of all aspects of the vehicles we went to purchase. The deal was so good we bought two at the same time! The peaceful atmosphere was extremely pleasant. The vehicles are of high quality and clean and in excellent condition.

David DeShazo - 2010 Ford F-150

I had a good experience here at Finnicum Motor Company. T.G. was very knowledgeable and helpful. Riding out in a new truck TODAY!

Heather Watson - 2012 Ford Fusion

Thank you so much for finding the car I wanted. T.G. has been a great person to deal with! I will buy from Finnicum again!

Curtis Cook - 2008 Lexus IS250

Painless, courteous and down right friendly has been my experience in buying a car here. Ask for T.G. and you won’t go wrong!!

Crystal Parr - 2010 Chevrolet Malibu

My experience at Finnicum Motor Company was great! T.G. is awesome!

Savannah Lofton - 2008 Chevrolet Malibu

I was very satisfied with the customer service @ Finnicum Motor Company. My sales rep, T.G.Knight, was very helpful and willing, not to mention professional. This is my very first car off a car lot and I am all smiles. “Finnicum Rocks!”

Gary Kneavel II - 2009 Pontiac G8

T.G. and Mike were great help. Fast and friendly service, I will be coming back for another car.

Davy Knight - 2011 Ford Edge

We had a great experience here at Finnicum Motor Company. Thank you T.G. for an outstanding job you did. In our book y’all are Awesome! I look forward to driving my new car. Thank you T.G.

Kansas Kimsey & Ron Murphy - 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

My boyfriend and I had previously shopped around for a particular vehicle for quite some time. We were constantly checking the website and finally found something we were highly interested in. Finnicum- Mike and T.G. were extremely polite and so easy to deal with. My favorite part is that it was hassle free. We are very pleased with our vehicle and the service we had.

Chris & Lindsay Berry - 2010 Ford Fusion

Our experience at Finnicum was very pleasant. T.G. was very helpful in getting us in the right vehicle that was suitable for us. All of the salesmen were helpful and friendly. We would definitely recommend Finnicum to others.

Allen & Sandi Payton - 2012 Nissan Murano

Our experience with T.G. Knight and Finnicum Motor Company has been wonderful! The customer service here is exceptional. They will work until the deal is done and we would recommend them to everyone!

Susan Sieczka - 2008 Chevrolet Colorado

I came to Finnicum 2 weeks ago looking for a truck. The first person I met was T.G. and from then on it has been an awesome experience. He has kept me informed from the get go. If I ever buy another vehicle, I will come back to Finnicum and T.G. Thank you!

Billy Shores - 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

My experience with Finnicum was very comfortable. I never felt pressured and the salesman was just like a friend. I would and will recommend T.G. Knight and Finnicum Motor Company to all of my friends.

Chris Baltenberger - 2008 Chevrolet Silverado

My experience at Finnicum was great. They all worked really hard to find me the vehicle I was wanting, even when the vehicle I wanted changed quite often. I will be back again and would recommend Finnicum to anyone looking for a fair deal.

Kevin Mitchell & Tiffany Collins - 2010 GMC Terrain

Finnicum is the bomb!

Lee & Connie Wilson - 2008 Nissan Maxima

Excellent Service! Super prices on great vehicles! First time buying experience with Finnicum was wonderful. Hope to deal with them again in the future.

Gary Bailey - 2008 Nissan Titan

Easy, No Hassle, great service!

Mandy Elmore - 2009 Toyota Highlander

T.G. was great to work with, very professional. He remained consistent when trying to find the vehicle I preferred & he did a great job. Nice buying a vehicle from an old high school buddy.

Stacy E. Hall - 2010 Lincoln MKZ

In my 72 years of life, I have bought many cars and trucks. I never felt like I got a satisfactory deal until I bought a truck from Darrel Finnicum. I felt so comfortable with that deal that I have now bought my fifth car from his dealership. I can't say the same for the others that I've dealt with (one vehicle per dealer). Not only does Finnicum Motor Company acquire the best vehicles, they sell at an affordable price and are there after the sale. And they do this without high pressuring the customers. When I buy in the future, it will be from them.

Katelyn Moree - 2009 Toyota Rav4

I had a great experience working with T.G. Knight. He worked with me and found an amazing car! I love it!

Josh Howell - 2007 Ford F-150

Service was great, friendly people, and hot coffee…What more could you ask for?

Frank Norman & Margaret Slaughter - 2010 Ford Focus

These people at Finnicum Motor Company are the nicest and most efficient people I have ever done business with. They went way beyond what I had experienced in other business transactions. I would recommend them to anyone interested in buying a vehicle. I feel that they went way beyond any expectations in dealing with them. Thank you!

Shaina Lee - 2010 Kia Soul

T.G. was awesome! We’ve been looking at cars with him for over a year now and finally got what we want! Thanks T.G.!

Samuel Edwards - 2012 Ford Explorer

Was a truly pleasant and professional experience. Will definitely purchase my future automobiles from here.

John Baldree - 2003 Ford F-150

My experience with Finnicum has been great. They have helped me a lot, thanks.

Leigh & Kevin Pate - 2003 Honda Pilot

Buying my new Honda pilot has been a great experience. We enjoyed dealing with T.G. and didn’t feel like we were under any pressure. I think we got a great deal!!

Grady Hughes - 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

Our experience here was a very positive one. Everybody was very friendly. They have good vehicles, nice and clean; very good atmosphere. I would recommend them to anybody. I will come back when I get ready for another vehicle.

Loretta Campbell - 2010 Toyota Camry

My experience @ Finnicum has been awesome! T.G. Knight and his manager really pulled some strings in order for me to get the vehicle of my choice. My kids and I are extremely happy. Thanks so much!

Cara Hardin - 2007 Kia Optima

We have had a great experience! A great deal and will be back.

Jamie & Lacey Knight - 2009 GMC Sierra

It’s always a pleasure working with the staff at Finnicum. Down home people taking care of customers is the motto they stand behind. Hand shakes at Finnicum represent their guarantee to commitment.

Samantha Fox - 2008 Smart Fortwo

Very professional yet friendly car buying process.

Connie Brooke - 2007 Toyota Camry

I have enjoyed doing business with T.G. He is a good person & a dear friend. He is very professional and I will come back again.

Brittany Voelker - 2009 Chevrolet Malibu

Finnicum Motor Company has been very helpful. They worked very hard to find the exact car I wanted. Very honest, helpful people. I love my new car!

Cameron Cummings - 2008 Lexus IS250

I have been to just about every dealer in the state, and not a single one came close to being as courteous and professional as the guys at Finnicum! T.G. took Great care of me and gave me all the information I needed and answered every question I had. Best car buying experience I’ve ever had! I WILL be back!!!

Ginny Knight - 2003 Jeep Wrangler

My experience was wonderful!!! Will check with them again when in the market for another car!!

Everett Cox - 2007 Toyota Tacoma

Did awesome job and it has been a pleasure doing business here!

Natalia Cooper - 2005 Mini Cooper

Perfect buying experience! Couldn’t have been happier. Our twins 16th Birthday was a complete surprise. Thanks for your help T.G.

Brian, Amanda & Kaden Schlegel - 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

T.G. knew we were looking for a Tahoe, and when this one came in, he called me. I came right away to pick it up, drove it for a few days, and signed the papers. T.G. worked very diligently to get our payments where we wanted them, and we got a great price on our trade-in. I knew T.G. was a great coach, now I know he's a great salesman too! Thanks so much T.G. and Finnicum - I promise our lesson has been learned and we'll come see you first from now on!

Jason & Leanna Neel - 2007 Toyota Camry

This was by far the most enjoyable car buying experience we have ever had. It’s easy to see now why there are so many Finnicum cars around town. Thanks T.G. and Mike.

Riviera Holley - 2003 Honda Accord

This has been an experience & hassle for me until I met T.G. Knight at Finnicum Motor Company. He was very nice & willing to work with me and my “not enough credit.” I bought my 1st car from Finnicum Motor Company and I am a very happy customer!

Ruby J Woods - 2004 Ford Expedition

Mike was a good salesman. He worked with me on my new SUV. And I am glad that he came through for me about getting a new ride!!

Cynthia & Richard Michels - 2010 Honda Accord

We’ve always heard good things about Finnicum Motor Company. Now we’ve experienced first hand the friendly service, honesty of our sales person (T.G.) & the great car he sold us. We are glad we used them and will recommend them highly>

Whitley Hall - 2008 Toyota Camry

Business with Finnicum Motor Company has been a pleasuring experience. I look forward to working with this company in the future!!

Lorna & Hugh Slaton - 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Our open discussions including our Lord and Savior Jesus are the main reason I purchase all of our family cars (4 so far) from T.G. at Finnicum. Truly, they stand behind, “Where a handshake still means something” and thoroughly honor the Golden Rule! Thank you! -Lorna Slaton My mom took the words right out of my mouth. Dealing with T.G. was not only a fantastic experience but also someone I look forward to speaking with in the future. He made my first car purchase very easy! -Hugh Slaton

Herb & Tiffany Solomon - 2008 Lexus IS250

T.G. delivered an awesome and welcoming experience. T.G. showed confidence in us which made it easy for us to commit to the purchase. By the way, the office was family oriented and stood out to us because we truly value family.

Armand Holland - 2010 Chevrolet Malibu

I have thoroughly enjoyed my car buying experience today!! After much searching & haggling with other dealers, Finnicum was a pain free experience. The staff was very professional & kind and made me feel at ease. T.G. Knight worked well with me and allowed me to have a voice during my purchase. I look forward to doing business with you all and I will definitely refer your dealership to any and everyone I know!!

Ashton Peeples - 2005 Mazda 6

Getting my first car was something much anticipated but my experience became an unforgettable one with Finnicum Motors involved! I was impressed on all accounts-personality, the cleanliness of the cars and the office and the genuine quality! I’m so excited to own a car from such a respectable place!

David Denton - 2007 Nissan Xterra

It’s been a great buying experience. The people here are friendly and professional. I would recommend anyone to give Finnicum Motor Company a visit if they want a great deal on a vehicle.

Horace Holloway III - 2008 Toyota Highlander

Thanks to T.G. and the Finnicum family for doing all they could to ensure the best deal for my family and I. I would definitely recommend anyone in the market for a vehicle to come to Finnicum where a hand shake “Really” means something.

Chad & Shyanne Lawson - 2008 Nissan Rogue

T.G. was wonderful to do business with. Our buying experience was simple and we will be long term customers. Thanks so much!

Nick & Christina Cribb - 2009 Nissan Maxima

We had a great time working with Mike and T.G. Everyone here is very friendly and professional. Great customer service!!

Heath & Laura Cooper - 2010 Toyota Camry

We had a great experience with T.G. Everything went very smoothly and it all ended just the way he said it would. We will be purchasing our next vehicle from Finnicum. Thanks T.G. for doing such a great job.

Kristen Jenkins - 2008 Nissan Maxima

I have been very pleased with Finnicum Motor Company. I have bought all my vehicles from them, they’re all very friendly.

Charlie, Sara & Dylan Hall - 2007 Lexus IS250

We called T.G. and he got us the exact car we wanted, for a great price!

Amanda Mobley - 2008 Ford Escape

I have had a great car shopping experience. They had exactly what I wanted, and I always got help.

Jamie & Melanie Finlayson - 2008 GMC Acadia

This was my 3rd vehicle from Finnicum Motor Company. T.G. was easy to work with & very helpful. Finnicum is a great place to buy a vehicle, no pressure, and good prices. Their reputations precede them.

Clark Futch - 2006 Jeep Rubicon

I came here for a couple of years looking for the right one and what better to find the best deal for me on my 21st birthday! Thanks T.G.

Eddye Mitchell - 2008 Mitsubishi Galant

This has been a true business like experience. It only took about 3 days to buy a car. The sales person was very truthful and factual. I felt that I was getting the better end of the stick. My thoughts for the company are good ones and I would recommend others to check this place out.

Janie Triston - 2007 Honda Accord

Our experience with Finnicum Motors was good. Nice people, great service. Very friendly!

Melvyn L. Deubner - 2005 Toyota Tacoma

I have always been hesitant about shopping for a vehicle due to the hassle associated with it. You’re met on the lot by the salesperson who shows you models you don’t want or can’t afford. Then when you find something you like, they take you in their office and the countless trips to the sales manager begins. I hated that part the most. At Finnicum Motors, That is not the case. They greet you when you come on the lot, introduce themselves, try to get an idea of what you are in the market for, offer any suggestion and let you roam the lot. I have purchased two vehicles from Finnicum Motors in the last 3 years. The First, I saw on their lot stopped in and talked to Mike McVey. I had done my homework and researched the cost and all. They mentioned a price (which was within the range) and we closed the deal that afternoon. For the second vehicle, I stopped in, Looked at what they had and nothing caught my eye. Talked to Mike McVey again, told him what I was looking for and he said he would look around and get back with me. A week later he called. Said he had something I might be interested in and to stop by and check it out. I did, and as they say, the rest is history. We close the deal that day. He even offered suggestions on the financing which would save me money. If you or anyone you know is in the “Market” for a CLEAN USED VEHICLE, I would not hesitate to recommend Darrel Finnicum or Mike McVey. It will be a rewarding Experience!

Taylor Sanders - 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

I am so thankful for all of the trouble Mike and T.G. went through to get me in the car of my dreams! I could not have asked for a better car buying experience! I told Mike what I was looking for, and he found it for me. I will NEVER buy a vehicle from anyone other than Finnicum! They do live up to “where a handshake still means something”. Honestly the best people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with! Thanks guys for EVERYTHING!

Wren Tolman - 2010 Mitsubishi Galant

I had an absolutely wonderful experience picking out & purchasing a new car! Every one was very friendly and T.G. couldn’t have done any better!! I will definitely be back in the future. Thanks for everything!

Nakia Jordan - 2008 Toyota Camry

I enjoyed my experience at Finnicum. Everyone was very nice and helpful. T.G. done everything he could to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. I will gladly send other people and will definitely return for future purchases.

Joshua Holley - 2011 Chevrolet HHR

Never had an experience like this. Where a handshake does really still mean something. Sales people are very respectful and down home.

Tim & Jodi Hiers - 2008 Pontiac G6

This was our first vehicle purchase as a married couple with nobody’s help! T.G. & Mike made it very easy and comfortable for us to sign and drive! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my “new to me” car! We have already planned on buying another vehicle from here in the future. We actually drove 54 miles to get here and it was soooo worth it! Thank you guys so much!

Edward & Dianne Stephens - 2007 Mitsubishi Galant GTS

I bought my car from Finnicum Motor Company and was so happy to find there are honest car dealers still around! Go Finnicum! I love my new car!!

Jed Jarrett - 2009 Dodge Ram

T.G. worked with me every way possible to help me get the truck I wanted. T.G. is my hero! Mike is the man too!

Todd Daughtry - 2005 Chevrolet Express

I had a very fast & friendly experience with no hassles. Thanks a lot!

Davy Knight - 2008 Chevrolet Silverado

This is the third vehicle I’ve bought from Finnicum Motor Company. The excellent service and professionalism says it all here. I will continue to buy every vehicle I purchase from this dealership.

Clementine Tardy - 2006 Lexus RX330

My family and I have had a wonderful experience with T.G., who was very helpful, friendly, in the purchase of our used (new to us) Lexus. Just in time for my birthday. I would recommend any of my family and friends to come over to Finnicum. “They are fair.”

Michael Holsinger - 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer

Gave me what I expected. Could have given me the extra $250.00 off. ?

Christy McConnell - 2008 Ford Expedition

We had a very pleasant experience buying our Expedition. I have never been able to buy a car with such ease and pleasantry. Thank you so much!

Terrah Cromer - 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

We chose Finnicum Motor Company AGAIN because dealing with them is never a hassle, they were very quick to meet our needs, and they offered a no-hassle-no pressure sales environment. We'll definitely trade here in the future.

Tiffany Gleeson - 2007 Nissan Altima

My experience was great. T.G. did a lot of work to make me happy with the car I chose.

Bryant & Tina Luciano - 2008 Ford Explorer

Great experience with Finnicum, T.G. was very friendly and helpful. Thank you for a fast and easy transaction!

Melody Rogers - 2003 GMC Envoy

All the staff here is Awesome!!

Bill Meyer - 2010 Ford F-150

Great trade and Great price with no pressure. I will come back again.

Kathy Brown - 2005 Toyota Highlander


Jeremy Jones - 2008 Dodge Charger

My experience at Finnicum Motor Company was 100% AWESOME. T.G. was eager and willing to do all that he could to make things easier. T.G. was helpful and proud to do his job. Thanks for everything, GOD BLESS Finnicum Motor Company!

Steven & Robin Giles - 2009 Honda Pilot

Finnicum Motor Company was wonderful! T.G. & Mike were extremely helpful and courteous. They made the car-buying experience completely painless! We will definitely do business with them in the future! Thanks so much!!!

Julian Strickland - 2008 Chevrolet Silverado

Thanks for the fair deal. T.G. offered excellent support and I never felt pressured. This is my 4th car from Finnicum. See you again next time.

Amanda Rice - 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe


Tangela McKinney - 2008 Honda Accord

The service is great here at Finnicum. T.G. is an excellent sales person. This is our second vehicle purchase and just like the first purchase, we are pleased. The process was so convenient and fast.

Brandon Sumlin - 2007 Chevrolet Impala

T.G. at Finnicum gave me great customer service. He reached out and helped me reach a great price.

Jody Nesbitt - 2009 Honda Civic

This was the most pleasurable car buying experience I have had. We were treated with respect and no sales pressure. I would recommend Finnicum to my family & friends.

Kenon & Lesley Akins - 2009 Toyota Tundra

We had a very pleasant experience purchasing our new Toyota Tundra. We found the truck on the internet and Mike was very prompt with the reply to our inquiry. We came in and test drove the vehicle and felt no pressure to make a decision. The paperwork was ready for us when we got here. Awesome experience! Thank you!

Robin Holliday - 2012 Dodge Charger

This is the first time I’ve ever been to a dealership where the people actually care, there was no hassle and everyone was friendly. I’m telling everyone to be sure to come to Finnicum Motor Company for their next new vehicle!

Demarco Robertson & Sonia Jacobs - 2007 Toyota Matrix

My experience with Finnicum Motor Company and Mr. T.G. was very excellent! Thanks guys! More business in the future.

Jennifer Spencer - 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

The experience was awesome! Would recommend Finnicum Motor Company to anyone. T.G. was extremely helpful and was just an awesome salesman. Will definitely be coming back when its time for a new car.

Jonathan Dickens - 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Great car buying experience. No pressure from the salesman and very willing to help and accommodate. Highly recommend. Thanks!

Kayla Brooks - 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

They are a great company to deal with. Everything went smoothly. I am very happy and satisfied with the service I received.

Scooter & Kathy Hill - 2006 Chevrolet HHR

Our experience with Finnicum was super. T.G. was very helpful. T.G. explained everything to us from beginning to the end.

Wendy Coleman - 2008 Ford Escape

T.G. was excellent at finding the lowest interest rate possible. Everyone I came in contact with was very friendly. We will definitely be back!

Hattie Ford - 2008 Ford Expedition

My experience with T.G. at Finnicum has been one that showed trustworthiness, had no problem discussing vehicles and allowed us to test drive the vehicles we wanted. The very first day, we drove the SUV home and every day until the purchase was the same “haven’t heard anything, I’ll talk with you tomorrow.” Absolutely no rush to bring vehicle back or questioned our honesty. Thanks for the great service with no pressure to purchase.

Cornelius Fedd - 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche

I would like to say thanks to T.G. and Mike for their great customer service!

David Suggs - 2006 Nissan Titan

Dealing with The Finnicum Family was a great experience. I got the truck I wanted at a Great Price. Not including, they bent over backwards to make sure I was Happy, and also it was done in a timely manner.

Joy Brooks - 2003 Honda Accord

I was really apprehensive about the whole process of buying a car. When I came to Finnicum, Mike met me at the door with a smile and a handshake. He listened intently as I explained what I was looking for. Almost right away he found a car on the lot that was exactly what I was looking for: low mileage, economical, and in my price range. It was clean and in great condition. My experience with Finnicum exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a used car.

Brent Joyner - 2010 Ford Escape

T.G. was very informative and helpful. I feel like he went the extra mile to get me a fair deal.

Raybond Jones, Jr. - 2010 Chevrolet Malibu

My experience with Finnicum Motor Company was awesome. Great customer service!!!! Thanks T.G., we will do business with you all in the near future.

Jamia Meeks - 2007 Nissan Altima

Finnicum was by far the most reasonable and honest car dealership that I came by. T.G. gave me great advice and worked with me to get the car that I wanted. He was patient with me and stayed in contact with me whenever a car was available. I love my car and will always deal with Finnicum in the future!!

Anna & Aaron Williams - 2008 Nissan Pathfinder

Our experience with Finnicum has been awesome. They worked with us to find the right car for me. It’s the car I wanted. Thanks a lot T.G. and the rest of Finnicum.

Jacob Artis - 2007 Nissan Maxima

T.G. has to be one of the best dealers I know. It was a great experience and I plan to keep doing business with them.

Brandon Anderson - 2008 Chevrolet Silverado

Our experience with Finnicum was awesome! They got me what I wanted and made the whole buying experience wonderful. I couldn’t have done it with out T.G.!!!

Tony Baynard - 2008 Dodge Ram

My experience here at Finnicum has been great. This, in my opinion, is a one of a kind dealership. No pressure and the vehicles are all in excellent condition. The sales staff really does care about their customers. Thanks to all of you guys.

Charlie Varnum - 2006 GMC Sierra

Mr. Knight was very helpful, walked us through the process and got us into our new truck. We would certainly buy our next vehicle here!

Curtis & Amy McNeal - 2007 GMC Yukon

I have enjoyed working with the staff at Finnicum. T.G. was a wonderful help. He worked with us to find exactly what we were looking for and took care of all the details making the whole process easy. I would highly recommend Finnicum to anyone. You will not be disappointed! Thank you!!!

Bryan & Tracy Lansaw - 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe

I would recommend Finnicum to anyone. They were great to work with, great people. Had a wonderful car buying experience.

Terri Sheppard - 2007 Honda Accord

I had a wonderful experience with Finnicum. Everyone I spoke with was very courteous and helpful. I would recommend anyone to Finnicum.

Mike Harvey - 2006 Toyota Avalon

Great customer service & excellent choice of cars to choose from! I’ll recommend to any and everyone!

David Grimsley - 2007 GMC Envoy

I enjoyed my experience at Finnicum Motor Company. They have really good folks with an honest work ethic. T.G. worked really hard to help us when we needed it. I was pleased with the deal they made for us and would gladly do business with them again.

Shaun Nichols - 2007 Ford F-150

Great!! Best….Dealership around!!

Celia Taylor - 2008 Chrysler Town & Country

My experience here at Finnicum has been great. T.G. Knight has been very helpful and very nice. I have no complaints. I will definitely be back here in the future. I will also recommend T.G. Knight to any of my friends and family.

Ivey & Rahine Neal - 2001 Ford F-150

T.G. and Mike were great. The transaction was easy. I didn’t feel like we’re being “haggled”. Great business with a hometown feel. We definitely would do business here again!

Pam Dixon - 2008 Nissan Altima

I had a great experience here today. T.G. treated me with the utmost respect, and sold me a great car. I will continue to buy all of my vehicles from here.

Billy & Tiffany McCullough - 2007 Hummer H3

This is my third car from Finnicum and the service is excellent. The people are great. I would recommend anybody to this dealership. Thanks.

Wendell Cone - 2005 Ford F-150

My experience with Finnicum was very pleasant, and the salesperson T.G. Knight was very nice. I would recommend him to anybody.

Jordan Powell - 2008 Volkswagon Jetta

Wonderful experience! Great customer service. I look forward to driving my new car.

Davy Knight - 2006 BMW 325i

Our experience here at Finnicum Motor Company has been AWESOME. The staff here is outstanding. Our salesman, T.G., met all of our expectations! Darrel has put together an awesome staff.

David Hartsfield - 2009 Nissan Frontier

Dealing with T.G. at Finnicum was a great experience. He is a fine gentleman. This is the second vehicle I have purchased here and I will be back for my next one!

Britney Roulerson - 2002 Ford Explorer

We have had such a great experience here at Finnicum Motors. Everyone is very personable and treats you like family! This is our second vehicle in four years purchasing from Finnicum and we will continue to come back next time also when our next daughter turns 16!

Austin Stone - 2007 Honda Accord

This is the 4th Car my family has bought from Finnicum, and defiantly not the last!!!

Robert & Sandra Dickens - 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer

The customer service at Finnicum was awesome and Mr. T.G. was very nice and respectful.

Larry Smith - 2006 Mercedes C- Class

This is the 3rd vehicle that I have purchased from Finnicum. They have always gone over and beyond to accommodate my concerns. Finnicum always finds a way to work with its customers. My next vehicle will more than likely have a Finnicum tag on it.

Monericka Davis - 2009 Kia Rondo

I really enjoyed the experience and customer service at Finnicum. I was given quick, accurate service by all staff. I would recommend anyone looking for a new vehicle to Finnicum, and I will definitely return in the future to make another purchase.

Greg Brown - 2010 Dodge Charger

Finnicum has done me a very good deed today by letting me get this car and I show appreciate it

Denise & Joe Willis - 1999 Ford F-250

Our experience at Finnicum has been excellent! The staff is very friendly and helpful. We will definitely drive the 187 miles back, if and when we are in need of another car! Thank you!!

Owen Nesbitt - 2005 Toyota Sequoia

Buying my new car was an easy & pleasant experience. They work with me and my wife and went out of there way for us.

Shelby Janes - 2007 Kia Sorento

T.G. was very patient. I went threw a bunch of cars that I looked at. But finally found the right one for the family. Thanks a bunch!

Derra Salter - 2008 Nissan Titan

On Nov. 6th I purchased a vehicle from Finnicum Motor Company and was assisted by T.G. Knight. T.G. was very polite and helpful. T.G. was not pushy and made this experience a good one.

Mike Crawford - 2009 Chevrolet Malibu

Dealing with Finnicum has been a pleasant experience. They have been patient and very courteous. T.G. was very professional and informative. Thanks.

Tiffany Collins - 2008 Honda Accord

My experience at Finnicum was the best. I will definitely use them again. Thanks T.G. & Mike!

Heath Land - 2007 Dodge Ram

I could not ask for a better car dealership. The people at Finnicum Motor Company have been top notch and I will buy another vehicle from Finnicum again. I will also refer friend and family. Ya’ll are the best in town.

Jennifer Call - 2005 Honda Accord

I have had a great experience buying my 1st vehicle from a dealership here @ Finnicum Motor Company! The salesman was very friendly and I will recommend Finnicum Motor Company to anyone wanting to purchase a vehicle!

Amanda Bennett - 2010 Chevrolet Traverse

The sales team at Finnicum was all extremely courteous and professional. T.G. Knight was very helpful and not pushy at all. We are very satisfied with the deal we got on our Traverse. We will definitely be back in the future.

Nolan & Melody - 2008 Pontiac G6

Me and My husband had great experience with the people at Finnicum Motors. They were very helping and nice to my family. We found what we were looking for!!!

Jack Bruce - 2004 Dodge Ram

In a word…….EASY!

Joyce Knight - 2007 Ford Fusion

This is my first experience buying a car. I have learned a lot through the experience and T.G. was very helpful.

Jason Ribolla - 2006 Chevrolet Silverado

I have been “visiting” the dealership for about 3 years, looking for the right deal for me. The people at Finnicum made it happen, and I am very happy. Thanks a bunch.

Hugh & Rhonda Futch - 2007 Jeep Wrangler

We enjoyed working with T.G. He was very pleasant and did not apply any pressure selling. Everything went smoothly and we were very pleased with the trade in they offered us.

Donnie & Paula Fore - 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe


The Griffins - 2004 Chevrolet Colorado

I will be honest; buying a car is not one of my favorite things to do by far. Between the pressure of a sales situation, and the thought that goes into such a large expenditure, it can be trying. That was not my experience at Finnicum, however, I felt that the decision was mine to make and that they were actually more interested in my needs and interests than just getting a sale. I really appreciate the help of Mike and all the guys and highly recommend someone looking for a vehicle to give these guys a try.

Trina Swift - 2007 Lexus ES350

I have made several car purchases from Finnicum and will NEVER go anywhere else. They make purchasing a car a pleasurable experience and I got the car I wanted with no hassle!! Thanks to you all!

Debra Stroud & Charlie Tillman - 2010 Mitsubishi Galant

After the frustration of trying to purchase a car through some other dealerships, we came to Finnicum. Our experience was great. No pressure, no long waits while sales managers had to be consulted. We found just what we were looking for at a price we could afford. Thank you so much!

Josh Davis - 2006 Honda Pilot

I am very pleased with the friendly staff at Finnicum. They went the extra mile to make sure I was happy. I will buy from here again.

Ben Strickland - 2003 Nissan Xterra

I had a very easy and pleasant buying experience here at Finnicum Motors. When shopping for my next vehicle, my search will definitely start here.

Jade Magelund - 2005 Ford F150 FX4

This is my 2nd vehicle I have bought from Finnicum. My experience was outstanding. A handshake really still does mean something here!!! I will always come to Finnicum for a vehicle.

Teresa Seeley - 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee

This is my first car from Finnicum. Everyone I work with at Piggly Wiggly has bought cars here and are very happy with them. Everyone here has been really nice.

Brad & Lorrie Stafford - 2009 GMC Yukon

Easiest trade ever! Thanks, T.G., for your courtesy and cooperation!

Joe Sheffield - 2006 Toyota Tacoma

My first purchase with Finnicum was excellent. The customer service is second to none. The staff has been nothing but courteous and helpful. I plan to continue to do business with T.G. and Mike.

Ken & Kathy Hudson - 2005 Dodge Neon

T.G. was extremely courteous and helpful in our search for a new car for our son. He stayed late and went the extra mile.

Amanda Peek - 2005 Mazda 3

I had a great experience at Finnicum Motor Company. I found the exact car that I was looking for and everybody was very helpful. I felt very comfortable dealing with them.

Penny Cheesman - 2007 Toyota Tundra

I really liked the service, and I love the truck!

Alex McKinney - 2007 Chevrolet Silverado

After visiting Finnicum a couple of times, the deal is sealed. We are very appreciative of how we were treated!

Mark & John Gibson - 2004 GMC Sierra

I would say the entire experience from selecting the 2004 GMC truck to the financing was put together was great. It truly shows that Finnicum Motor is a great company to do business with and I would do business with them again in the future.

Kathy Davis - 2008 Nissan Altima

We have had a great experience with T.J. He has helped us in every aspect of the buying experience. We will be back!

Tom Maloney - 2007 Nissan Frontier


Julie Stubbs Bonner - 2006 Toyota 4Runner

My experience at Finnicum Motor Company was positive in all aspects. This is a friendly, hassle-free dealership that caters to the needs of the customer.

Mack & Kelly - 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

I would like to express my gratitude to Finnicum Motors & Mike McVey for helping my wife and I find the Tahoe we have been looking for. I first contacted Mike over SIX months ago. He was very proactive and stayed in touch with me throughout the process. Finnicum was also extremely fair on our trade in as well as the price of the Tahoe. I would highly recommend Mike and Finnicum to anyone in the market for a vehicle.

Wendy Tagent - 2007 Ford Edge

I drove eleven hours to Finnicum Motors, for a car I’d only seen on the internet. I was very pleased with the Ford Edge when I got there. Everything worked perfectly, very clean. My Salesman.. Mike Mcvey had leather added for me. I couldn’t have been happier. Finnicum Motors has been the greatest dealer I’ve met yet. They are there to meet you needs and always ask for Mike McVey.

Julie Hollis - 2006 Infiniti G35

I have purchased three Cars from Finnicum Motor Company and have been very satisfied. Mike was very helpful and patient with me. I recommend everyone to buy from Finnicum Motor Company. I will be back again in the Future.