About Finnicum Motor Company

The Finnicum Story

Finnicum Motor Company was opened in September 2000.  It was always a dream of mine to have my own auto dealership and to offer the best pre-owned and new vehicles at a good price.  At the age of 22, in September of 1993, I started selling vehicles.  I worked for our local Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda stores where I learned a lot about how customers want to be treated.  Our philosophy at Finnicum Motor Company is to treat others as we would want to be treated. 

There are a lot of choices on where to buy your next vehicle and we are glad that you have given us the opportunity to meet your automotive needs.

Vehicle Inspection

All of our vehicles are inspected by our service facility.  They conduct a bumper to bumper inspection on all vehicles that we purchase or take in on trade.   Just and example of some of the specifics we inspect are the paint to make sure the vehicle has not been worked on, the tires to make sure they are not worn out, and all the light bulbs on the vehicle are tested to make sure they work.  We make sure that all of our vehicles are completely ready to go when they are put on the lot to be sold.

Quality Guarantee

When we purchase a vehicle, we make sure that the vehicle is in excelent condition.  The vehicle is inspected from the condition of the carpet to the brake lights.  We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase.  Most of our vehicles have factory warranty remaining, but for the vehicles that don’t, we back them up with a thirty day limited warranty. 

The Buying Process

Our sales staff shows you our selection of vehicles and lets you pick out the vehicle that is right for YOU.  We then go over the options you are interested in and what your needs are.   The test drive follows, where you can try the vehicle out and make sure it meets your needs, also you can ask any questions you may have.  If you like the vehicle, we get the paperwork together and send it to the bank to get the best rate possible so that you can start enjoying you new vehicle.  

New Vehicles

We are an independent dealer, however, through our dealer network, we have access to all
brand new vehicles.  We can get you that brand new vehicle and save you time and money!

Vehicle Pricing

We research the current market value, what they are currently selling for, then price our vehicles as competitively as possible.  We provide a price guideline for you when you are here to ensure that you are getting a good deal.

Bank Financing

We offer several options when it come to financing your vehicle.    We are set up with banks through indirect lending so that we can offer you the lowest rates possible.  Some of the banks we use are DOCO Regional Federal Credit Union, Heritage Bank, JP Morgan Chase and Citi Fiancial Auto, and many others.

FAQ's Our most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you get your vehicles from?
A: They are personally hand picked by Darrel Finnicum or one of our certified buyers.  They include local trade-ins and leased/fleet purchases bought from certified auctions across the US.

Q: Do you inspect your vehicles?
A: YES.  Our vehicles are Carfax certified and we have them post-sale inspected, as well as serviced and detailed.

Q: Do you sell new vehicles?
A: YES.  We are an independent dealership, but we have access to all manufacturers and can get you any make or model that you want.

Q: Do you have warranties on your vehicles?
A: Most of our vehicles have the factory warranty remaining.  We also offer Reliable Extended Warranties on all of our vehicles.

Q: How do you price your vehicles?
A: We research the current market value and try to price them at a good, fair price.

Q: Do you take trade-ins?
A: Yes.  Whether it’s a 1982 or 2012, we will take it.

Q: Where do I get my vehicles serviced?
A: We have several service facilities that we recommend and we will be glad to provide you with the phone numbers at the time of purchase.